Piraí Vaca -Bolivia- Tour 2021

Piraí Vaca -Bolivia- Tour 2021

TOUR   Europa  2021 Piraí Vaca    -Bolivia- 

Guitarra Clásica  Música de Bolivia, Europa y Latinoamericana

 Piraí  Vaca Reconocido a nivel nacional e internacional, la prensa lo reconoce por su mensaje implícito, su carisma, su técnica y la intensidad de sus interpretaciones, es uno de los guitarristas latinoamericanos más reconocidos… El  Washington Post  comenta "...impactó a la audiencia con su profunda musicalidad y control..."; el Rheinische Post, periódico alemán, se escribe “...técnicamente brillante conjuga carisma con musicalidad, espiritualidad con virtuosismo y profundidad con superficialidad... modesto y sencillo, pero pleno de confianza en sí mismo...".

Actuó en Sur y Norteamérica, Europa y Asia.                


Concert with Bolivia, European and Latin American music

 Piraí Vaca is an recognized nationally and internationally Bolivian artists. For its implicit message, his charisma, his technique and intensity of their performances, is considered by the Press as one of the most recognized Latin American guitarists. In the Washington Post it says  "... shocked the audience with his profound musicality and control ..."; The Rheinische Post, German newspaper, is written "... technically brilliant, this man showed a concentrated emotion, combines charisma with musicality, virtuosity and deep spirituality ... superficially modest and simple, but full of self-confidence ... ".

Piraí played in South and North America, Europe and Asia.


Day/Dag: 13 december

Tickets: 150 kr 

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